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Visitors’ Studio

Tuulensuu Visitors' Studio is a studio for visiting artists in Viitasaari, in Central Finland. The Tuulensuu Art Centre studio, sculpture park and art collection are mainteined by a private fondation.

Tuulensuu Visitors' Studio is situated near the village of Pasala, 29 kilometres north-east of Viitasaari, on the shore of the beautiful Lake Kolima. There is no regular public transport service to the Centre.

All artists resident in Finland can apply for The Tuulensuu Visitors' Studio. We hope that applicants will be familiar with the Finnish contryside. The Visitors' Studio is also avaible for other agents of the cultural sector if booking conditions allow.


The Tuulensuu Visitors' Studio is a two-storey timber building, completed in 1988. The house offers artits the opportunity to work in the peace and beauty of the Finnsh countryside and to get to know the nature, landscape and way of life of this northern part of Central Finland.

The studio, totalling 175 m² in area, was designed by the Oulu architect, Kimmo Kuismanen. The 75 m² studio is 7 meters high, with a gallery running round. Is has norh-facing windows and additional light in through windows in the roof. The studio was designed primarily painters.

The living area consists of a kitchen, living-room, bedroom, washroom, sauna and WC. The kitchen is equipped with an electric fridge and an electric cooker and there are two fireplaces in the house. Bedding and kitschen equipment are provided by the foundation, but visitors must bring their own bed linen.

There is a separate smoke sauna by the lake. It is possible to swim in the lake, and it is generally an excellent location for outdoor activities, including fishing.

The Tuulensuu studio can be rented for periods between on week and several weeks at time during the spring, summer and autumn. The price is 400 € per week.

Send a free-form written rent application to the Tuulensuu Visitors' Studio before 1. April. Successful applicants will be informed as soon as possible. Applicants are free to present their application in the form they consider best, but they must include a brief description of the reason why they wish to work in Tuulensuu. Applicatnts should also include an up-to-date curriculum vitae and illustrations of their most recent work.

Applicant and the studio will sign a rental agreement upon the use of the premises.

For more information contact:

    • Tuulenuu Visitors' Studio
  • mail: info[at]