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Studio House

The reason for renting the Tuulensuu Studio House is to promote the visual arts. The studio house is run by a private art foundation in Viitasaari. There is also a private sculpture park in Tuulensuu run by the foundation.

The idea of the house is to offer visual artists the opportunity to work and/or holiday in Central Finland and to get to know the nature, the countryside and the local people. Tuulensuu only operates during the summer.

Tuulensuu is located on the shore of Lake Kolima in the village of Pasala in Kärnä, 29 km from the centre of Viitasaari. The place is beautiful and peaceful. It is a rural environment on the shore of the lake, surrounded by fields and forests. The address of Tuulensuu is Järkineimentie 75, 44610 Kärnä (Viitasaari).

The Tuulensuu studio house requires the applicant to have 'the ability to cope independently in rural living conditions'. This is because Tuulensuu does not have a host or hostess in residence. The studio house may also be rented to other cultural operators if the booking situation allows. There is no specific residency programme in Tuulensuu.

The two-storey log-built studio house (175 m2) has been in operation for over 30 years. The seven-metre-high, lofty 75 m2 studio is best suited for painters. The house can also be used as a project space.

The living spaces on two floors comprise a kitchen-living room, two bedrooms and a sauna. There are washing machines, dishwashers and a TV.

There is no wireless network in the house and no public transport, so a car is necessary.

The Tuulensuu smoke sauna and Lake Kolima

There is a smoke sauna and a rowing boat on the beach.

Pets are not allowed in Tuulensuu.

The rental period starts at the end of May and ends in mid-September. The rent is € 300 or € 400 per week, depending on the time and number of weeks. The rents of the studio house are intended to cover the annual maintenance costs of the house.

The applicant and the Tuulensuu Arts Foundation will sign a written rental agreement for the use of the premises before the start of the rental period.
Applications for Tuulensuu should be made by sending a free application to the secretary of the association by e-mail info(at) The application period is from 1 February to 31 March each year.

Mail: info(at)

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